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Cosplay name:Shion NakanoInstagram

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I am based in Fukuoka and do parkour, acrobatic and ninja performances; recently I have begun to do cosplay, and since I knew about the Cosplay de Umigomi ZERO Award I have begun to clean the beaches in my area.

 Thoughts about the action

I have been told that if I post videos of litter clean-up doing cosplay parkour it would make children interested in doing litter clean-up, and therefore I would like to keep posting these videos in the social media networks, to help making more and more beaches clean.

I would like to appear doing cosplay and parkour in stage events and television.

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Cosplay name:Sky★ReFacebook

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[Title of the recipe]

Creation of a weapon using PET bottles! (Lambent light)
<Description of the recipe>
· I tried to make this one upon thinking whether I could create something using the PET bottles of the juice I use to drink.

This time I used the PET bottles for the creation of the handguard of the sword.
1  Cut the part slightly curved around the cap of the PET bottle, in a shape corresponding to the design of the weapon.
2  Apply the decoration using a leather thread. Process the leather thread coating it with instant adhesive, so the paint gets well attached.
3  Since it is a transparent part, paint it black first in order to avoid transparencies
4  Apply the final color and it is done!

The PET bottle is a material suited for painting as its surface is smooth since the beginning. It is a very versatile material, since it allows crafting of diverse parts using the column and the domed sections.

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