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Cospaly Name:Arikui TarouTwitter

Description of the action

On Saturdays every other week, I go on my own or with people gathered by Twitter to the Chiba Port Park, which faces the sea, and spend one hour or one hour and a half doing the clean-up of the surroundings of the park and the artificial beach.

 Right now the Team Rocket is doing this litter clean-up activity every two weeks, with the permission of the officers of the park and the Chiba bay.

 Thoughts about the action

From now on, I would like to introduce the activities of the TeamRocketCleanmatrix to the entire country, increasing the number of members of the Team Rocket with the conviction that we all can engage in litter clean-up before playing Pokémon GO, as it will make us feel better and more motivated, and the more we are we will contribute to put an end to the problem of marine litter.

Also, I would like to carry out the litter clean-up activity with a very large Team Rocket gathered through the social networks.

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Costume category

Cospaly Name:Emerald L KingFB

Description of the action

If we are talking of 2019·2020, then we should refer to AKIRA.

When creating the motorbike of Kaneda, and the transformed arm of Tetsuo, and the laser gun, everything was made using recycled materials. Not only was the motorbike made using the LEDs and the pipes of old stage props for the frame, but the cardboard boxes of Amazon purchases done for work as well as red synthetic leather from a costume worn some years ago were also used. In the same way, fabric remaining from other costumes was used for the arm of Tetsuo. Even silk from an old kimono! The base of the arm was made with a dirty yoga mat, and the design consisted of hoses such as those of washing machines.

The pictures of the making of the laser gun are shown below. This was also done using cardboard and old yoga mats that I obtained from my workplace, as well as parts from a vacuum cleaner and a calculator.

I obtained the mats and the hoses and the vacuum cleaner from a "Tip shop" near home, so this way of buying materials for cosplay is not only ecological, but also shows consciousness for the community. "Tip shops" are second-hand shops run by NPO in Australia which sell items that have been recovered from waste yards in local communities.

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