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Handling of personal information protection policy

Article 1 (Application rules)

  1. The regulations listed below are applied for the "Cosplay de Umigomi Zero Award", organized by the Cosplay de Umigomi Zero Executive Committee (including the World Cosplay Summit Executive Committee and WCS Inc.) and The Nippon Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the "Organizers"). These regulations concern the applicants of the "Cosplay de Umigomi Zero Award" (hereinafter referred to as "Applicants"), who will be deemed to have agreed to those Terms at the time of application.

  2. Applicants shall follow the instructions of the Cosplay de Umigomi Zero Executive Committee for matters not stipulated in these Terms.


Article 2 (Application conditions)

  1. Action Category allows individual and group applications, but Costume Category only allows individual applications. In the case of an application by an organization, the activity incentives will be paid to the organization if it possesses a legal personality, or to the representative of the organization otherwise. The organizers shall not be involved regarding the distribution of the activity incentives within the organization. Also, in the case of an application by an organization, the approval of the said organization shall be obtained before the application.

  2. Applicants shall be deemed to have expressed and guaranteed that their application does not infringe the rights of third parties such as honor, credit, portrait, privacy, etc. and does not violate public order and morals.

  3. Entries (submitted works) will not be returned.


Article 3 (Handling of entries)

The handling of entries (submitted works) shall be following these Terms, and the copyright and other intellectual property rights related to the entries shall, in principle, belong to the applicant.

Article 4 (Award)

  1. The Organizers and the Judging Committee will select the recipient of the award [TU1] based upon their specific judging criteria, and will notify the winners (hereinafter referred to as the "Winners") appropriately. Applicants shall not object to the judging results.

  2. The Winners shall agree with the Organizers use of their entries (submitted works) in the necessary extent of "Cosplay de Umigomi Zero Award", and shall permanently assign them their non-exclusive rights for any publication, reproduction, announcement, public transmission, exhibition, printing, distribution, adaptation and screening of their entries.

  3. The Winners shall not exercise the moral rights of the author against those authorized by the Organizers.

  4. The Winners shall not use the award-winning works themselves without the prior written consent of the Organizers, nor can it be used by a third party other than the Organizers.

  5. The Winners shall represent and warrant that they have the necessary rights to grant the above permission for their entry (submitted work).

  6. The Winners shall cooperate as much as possible with the Organizers' advance notice and public relations activities during their stay in Japan. Copyright, portrait rights and other rights arising from public relations activities shall belong to the Organizers. The Winners will not exercise the moral rights or other rights of the author.

  7. The Winners shall consent in advance to the conclusion of a separate contract regarding the use of award-winning works "Cosplay de Umigomi Zero Award", regarding the items listed in the preceding five paragraphs.

  8. Please take notice that if an Applicant violates these regulations, they may be disqualified from the event and may have their award attribution canceled if it is found to be inadequate or falsified by the Organizers, or any other inadequacy of their entry (submitted work), application information, etc.

  9. Please take notice that the contents of the prizes may be changed or canceled at the Organizers' discretion.

  10. The Applicants are not allowed to transfer the award right.


Article 5 (Use of personal information)

The personal information of the Applicants related to this matter will be used to contact the Applicants and send them prizes. The Organizers may entrust operations, including handling of personal information, such as the shipping of prizes, etc. to a contractor within the scope necessary for this implementation. Other personal information will be handled according to laws and regulations.


Article 6 (Disclaimer)

  1. Applicants shall participate in this project at their own responsibility and expense.

  2. The Organizers shall not be liable to the Applicants for any damage caused by their application, regardless of direct or indirect damage.

  3. Any dispute arising between the Applicants and other third parties in connection with the project will be resolved at the Applicant's own expense and responsibility, and the Organizers shall be exempted from any involvement. In the unlikely event that the Organizers suffer any damage due to claims from the third party, or is forced to bear any costs to deal with the claims, the Applicants shall compensate the Organizers for any damage and expense incurred (lawyer fees and other expenses).

  4. Applicants shall acknowledge in advance that the Organizers may not be able to answer individual inquiries regarding the status of application acceptance, examination results, etc.


Article 7 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

The agreement listed above is governed by Japanese law and the exclusive jurisdiction of Nagoya District Court's first instance.




Cosplay de Umigomi Zero Executive Committee

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