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Action category

Cosplay name:Sky★ReFacebook

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Creation of a weapon using PET bottles! (Lambent light)
<Description of the recipe>
· I tried to make this one upon thinking whether I could create something using the PET bottles of the juice I use to drink.

This time I used the PET bottles for the creation of the handguard of the sword.
1  Cut the part slightly curved around the cap of the PET bottle, in a shape corresponding to the design of the weapon.
2  Apply the decoration using a leather thread. Process the leather thread coating it with instant adhesive, so the paint gets well attached.
3  Since it is a transparent part, paint it black first in order to avoid transparencies
4  Apply the final color and it is done!

The PET bottle is a material suited for painting as its surface is smooth since the beginning. It is a very versatile material, since it allows crafting of diverse parts using the column and the domed sections.

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Pricia the Beast Queen from the Japanese TCG "Force of Will" Made and worn in 2017 by Cita The character of Pricia is a beast queen, living in the woods alongside wild animals. Therefore I wanted to show some real nature spirit with this costume. This costume is almost entirely made from natural products such as shells, feathers, wood and leather. Aside from the wig and some rare parts it is almost completely plastic free. Most of the smaller parts, such as the base for the headband, are recycled leftovers from older costumes. So I am happy to call it an environment and ocean friendly costume! Due to shopping local and carefull use of materials, only little waste was produced in the making! Detailled descriptions can be found under the making of pictures! #ecocos

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コスプレネーム:Plastic manSNS

Description of the action

I am raising ecological awareness at cosplay events through the plastic mark.

 Thoughts about the action

I wear cosplays following the purpose of each ecological event, with the plastic mark at the head and the eco-mark at the top side, and try to increase the awareness about trash among the visitors of the events while learning new things myself, too!

Easy to apply!Simply enter the activity details into the form!I'm waiting for your application!


Description of the action

ecocos costume 01: HUNTER×HUNTER / Kalluto

I did this cosplay with a recycled kimono that I got for 1000 yen!

The rest was all done reusing some personal effects.

Besides cosplay I also like wearing kimonos, so isn't it great to have one that can be used in both cases?

Applying old clothes to cosplay!

If each of us begins doing so, little by little, it will have an ecological effect!


ecocos costume 02: ONE PIECE / Ace

The Ace costume was also remade from a costume handed down by @vegetahiroshi!

Reusing it instead of throwing it away is ecological.

I only had to arrange the pants and the boots!

I adjusted everything to fit me.

When doing our events and group meetings I am always the leader who picks up and takes all the garbage away!

▼ Thoughts about the action

I knew that a friend was taking part in activities to reduce the problem of waste in tourist areas, and I wondered if I could also support them. And right while we were discussing about the matter is when I heard about this award.

I think that if everyone becomes aware, and devotes their kindness and consideration towards the others and the planet, then the power of each of us can be added, or even multiplied, resulting in an incredibly mighty force.

It would be easy for each of us to throw the garbage in the corresponding garbage can, and I think that this simple thing would contribute to make the world a little better than it is now, with people being more kind, thankful and considerate to each other!

I think that trying it is important!

You can use past photos as well!

Just post them in your social media accounts with the #ecocos hashtag! Everyone can easily apply!


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コスプレネーム:David WidyatmojoSNS

Description of the action

In Sunday November 17 2019 at 08:00 under PMI ( Indonesian Redcross) I join Volunteer Community around Surakarta Region City for Cleaning Bengawan Solo River from garbage. I change my dress into Naruto Cosplay costume but the costume actually build by PMI (Redcross) for outdoor operation same as rescue Team standard. Briefing before activity in open field around district near river. The volunteers and peoples around there are really surprised after look at me in Naruto cosplay, specially kids when they just playing around. And they ask me “why Naruto in here?” and I reply “ I gonna clean the river together with the volunteers, can you help me too?” and they say “yes we will help you Naruto nii-chan”. At 09:00 mission start, Out of expectation the kids and volunteers become so excited because they think cleaning river with Naruto. And that is my chance to educating peoples around there for keep clean the environment from garbage specially plastic and stop dispose anything to river. This is not my first action cleaning river with cosplay in 16 and 21 May 2018. Me with volunteers cleaning 4 meter garbage in Bengawan Solo but in another spot

 Thoughts about the action

In the future I want make a cosplay team specially took from red cross volunteers or environment activist but when take action for cleaning river, demonstrate reduce plastic uses, educating peoples about how dangerous garbage and plastic for our healthy and our nature. they wear cosplay costume. Because when I wear Naruto cosplay in my activity cleaning river from garbage its attract more peoples for join the activity and they wear cosplay costume when educating peoples especially childern, because they are next generation in the future on our planet. I want teach them to reduce using plastic bag or bottle, start recycle, keep clean starting from themselves, family and neighborhood.

Easy to apply!Simply enter the activity details into the form!I'm waiting for your application!



Description of the action

For this competition I decided to make the Ordonian suit of “Link” from ‘The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess’, since I thought it would be a very good costume to be able to make it from scratch with recycled materials because of the natural look of the outfit itself.


I start describing the construction process I followed from top to bottom:


-The wig was the union of two wigs: one of them was gotten in a second-hand store at a very low price, and the second was one I already had. I sewed them together to create more volume and color tones like the character's hair; I didn't have to spend extra money to create it.

-I made the sleeveless shirt out of some old curtains that I dyed with natural coffee grains to give it that shade of old fabric; I made the details in painting by hand with paint I had used for previous costumes. The pants were from other different curtains and I just repeated the process.

-The piece that looks like an ‘apron’ and the piece of cloth around the waist were also made of leftover fabrics from other suits; the advantage of have been doing cosplay for many years is that I have a lot of different materials leftovers saved and I can use them for other costumes without having to buy new products in order to reduce consumption and save some money. These pieces were also hand painted with textile paint that I already had.

-For the green sleeve, I used the green tapestry of an old armchair cushion. The fabric has different texture and thickness than the rest of the suit, so it fit perfectly to be used for the construction of this piece.


The whole costume was subjected to a natural wear process like leaving it in the sun and making it dirty with soil, dust and makeup leftovers, with the purpose of make it look dirty and old, and give a more realistic vibe. The process was also handmade.


-Finally, for the sandals I used some old bath sandals that I already had. I used a piece of synthetic fur from an old jacket I had, and I glue it to both of them; after, I cover them with paint.


I can say that the whole costume is made of 100% recycled and reused materials; I can say now it’s one of the costumes I felt most happy and satisfied with its result. I would love to be able to make a costume again in this same way.

You can use past photos as well!

Just post them in your social media accounts with the #ecocos hashtag! Everyone can easily apply!




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