Q1. Is it possible to apply with an activity carried out in the past, or with a work of cosplay that had been created in the past?

There are no problems in applying with an activity carried out in the past or with a work created in the past.

Q2. Are applications in the Costume category completed just by posting in social networks?

Yes. In the case of Facebook, please post in the special page set up for the event.

When posting in Twitter or Weibo, the application is completed by posting with the #ecocos hashtag.

Q3. In the Action category, are applications related to activities developed before? Or are applications related to activities planned to be developed from now on?

Please apply with activities that have been developed before, or that are going to be developed during the period of submissions. If you have plans or prospects for your activities from now on, please describe them in the "What you want to do in the future" box.

Q4. Must the Action category be related to litter clean-up activities?

You can apply with activities that do not consist in litter clean-up.

 For example, we are looking forward to receive applications with contents like the ones below!


 · I took cosplay pictures on the beach in order to let everyone know about the problem of marine litter.

 · I have drawn attention to the problem of marine litter using my own cosplay pictures on social media sites.

 · I have talked with cosplayers about the problem of marine litter before a cosplay shooting.

 · During an event, I have raised the awareness of the attendants regarding the problem of marine litter.

 · I am a cosplayer, but also aware about environmental problems, and therefore I use materials which are recycled or environmentally friendly.

 · I have created a cosplay work touching environmental problems.

 · I have taken cosplay pictures with the topic of environmental problems (such as a mermaid princess covered in waste oil)

 · I have done a cosplay performance or taken part in a cosplay skit dealing with environmental problems.

 · I have organized offline meetings with other fellow cosplayers concerned about environmental problems and have discussed about concrete solutions and actions that can be done by ourselves.

Q5. Is it necessary to provide pictures of the construction process in the Costume category? How should these be uploaded?

Yes. We would appreciate that you uploaded pictures that make it easy to see the construction process or the points in which techniques have been applied.
As for the upload method,
Facebook, Weibo: Please upload all the pictures together in one post.
Twitter: Since only up to 4 pictures can be uploaded at once, please make a thread post in case of uploading 5 or more pictures.

Q6. How should applications be done for costumes that have been made together by several persons?

In case that there were many costumes or accessories, should separate applications be made for each of them, or should all be submitted together?
→ One person can submit multiple applications. Please submit each of them separately.

Q7. Can the application conditions be satisfied by reusing an old cosplay costume?

Yes. Application conditions are satisfied.
 The reuse of an old cosplay costume precisely fits the philosophy of reduction, reuse and recycling of waste!
Please apply with such a costume.

Q8.Can the expression "marine litter" be used to attract visitors to an event in order to apply in the Action category?

There is no problem in using the expression "marine litter".
If you apply to become an official supporter, you can also carry out your activity using the title of official supporter, so please apply to be an official supporter as well.




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