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Measures against marine litter only cosplayers can do!


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  • Submissions are accepted in Japanese, English and Chinese.

  • There are no restrictions on nationality or age. 

  • We accept applications from individuals and organizations. In the case of an application by an organization, will be paid to the organization if it possesses a legal personality, or to the representative of the organization otherwise. The Nippon Foundation and the World Cosplay Summit Executive Committee shall not be involved regarding the distribution of the activity incentives within the organization. Also, in the case of an application by an organization, the approval of the said organization shall be obtained before the application.

  • There is no limit to the number of applications.

  • Applicable for activities made by cosplayers and activities involving cosplayers.

  • There are no restrictions on the costumes used.

  • It doesn't have to be a handmade costume or a costume of characters from Japanese works / series.

  • It is said that 80% of marine litter flows from the land (towns). The area of activity is not limited to the sea.

  • As a condition for the award eligibility, yYou shall be able to come to Nagoya, Japan, from 1 August 2020 through 2 August 2020, in order to attend the prize-awarding ceremony.(Transportation and accommodation expenses borne by the organization) or participate in an international symposium (June 2020). 

  • In the case of a minor applicant (under 20 years old in Japan, or the age of majority in the applicant’s country), please apply with the consent of the legal guardian. If a minor applies, it will be deemed that the application has been made with the consent of the guardian. 

  • If the minor applicant is accompanied by a guardian when coming to Japan, the travel and staying expenses of the guardian may not be provided.

  • Prior notice from the "Nippon Foundation" and the “World Cosplay Summit Executive Committee” that the portrait rights of any media exposure while staying in Japan, and other rights related to the "Cosplay de UMIGOMI ZERO AWARD"  belongs to "Nippon Foundation" and "WCS Co., Ltd."

  • The cost of application will be borne by the applicant. 

  • Applicable activities are limited to those that do not infringe on the rights of third parties such as honor, trust, portrait, privacy, etc. and do not violate public order and morals. 

  • It is considered that you have agreed to the “Application Rules” at the time of application. 




Cosplay de Umigomi Zero Executive Committee

※For e-mail inquiries, please indicate the subject as “COSPLAY de UMIGOMI ZERO AWARD inquiry”.

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