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Grand Prix

Clean Up "Grebek Plastik" or Take the Plastic

Indonesia, Machipot Cosplay Indonesia


Hello, we are the Machipot cosplay team. We are cosplaying since 2006. Focus on team performance and Cosplay Cabaret Live Action. We are active in local cosplay community; Creating Cosplay Competition and be a Cosplay Partner with local POP Culture event. Our individual member is also active in cosplay activity from photography until workshop for costume making.

We joined Local and International Cosplay Competition such as Asia Cosplay Meet, Crown Championship of Cosplay, Gyeonggi International Cosplay Competition, SUPANOVA, Indonesia Comic Con and Clas:H National Cosplay Competition.

Activity content

Cosplayer will be coming up on costume and show up at clean up "Grebek Plastik" on a car-free day area on Sunday morning. We asked the community to start fighting marine litter. We prepared 500 reusable bags for the cleanup Grebek Plastik activity, the reason we choose a reusable bag at this campaign is to create awareness and support our government to stop plastic campaign this year. As in action, We will take plastic bottles or plastic bag and we give them a reusable bag as a reward and support the Indonesian Government against Plastic Pollution. We also asked people to take a picture with STOP PLASTIC SIGN to support the campaign. Let’s do something good for the planet and make a difference. And the benefit of the cleanup day: we save marine animals on the sea, preserve our natural treasures, create a safer environment, keep our ocean clean and last but not least we get some good exercise.

Thoughts on activities, what we want to do in the future

Clean up day also improves the coastal and ocean ecosystem by making sure that none of the trash kills marine life or is toxic enough to disrupt the marine life cycle. What did we want to do in the FUTURE? We want to create huge awareness to the cosplay society in Indonesia, spread a positive vibe and hopefully not only Jakarta, but we could cover another city within the country. With positive feedback from many parties, we believe we will get bigger and better.

Hopefully, with this movement, we also get support from the government or big corporations to do a movement on a big scale and be an annual activity.

Clean up day could be fun with cosplay, WE save our ocean! WE save our planets!!

Quasi grand prix

Sadness Queen of the sea

Mr. Vinvid ReGina Present, Indonesia


Our team consists of several people, who turned out to have the same likes,

it is Japan.

This team was formed accidentally.

This project was made for my wife who really wants to join the umigomi project,

She was very excited and made me have an idea to make this project.

Hopefully with this form of work, it can make the world of my wife more colorful and attractive as our favorite together that is JAPAN.

Activity content

We will take a video that can later be used as a lesson about the importance of our behavior in maintaining cleanliness, especially about littering that will later flow into the ocean.

Tells about the myth of a sea queen in our area, saddened because her place of residence has become very unfit / dirty because of rubbish thrown carelessly by humans.

She was sad and resigned, gave rise to emotions and finally issued his final strength to commemorate and ask for human help.

Beginning the adventure of 2 people affected by 'vision' to help the queen, our idea is quite interesting here,

Namely: making a small river flow filter tool, so that trash does not drift up to the ocean also makes handicrafts to be used as trash bins made from used bottles, it turns out to be very effective in reducing waste in the river flow to the sea.

Here we try to think like the sad queen, however everyone must be aware of the pain,

The next activity is to go to the sea, clean up the dirt that has already been there.

The mind to educate the surrounding community about the use of paper bags so that if there is rubbish, which is only made from paper so that it can be easily recovered by the sea.

The last scene in our video,

Showing the queen smiling and then disappearing into the sea.

Thank you for the hard work of the entire team that helped this project,

for our mutual concern for the sea.

Thoughts on activities, what we want to do in the future

After all our previous activities, we concluded an important thing. Namely, the community was not aware / understood procedures such as recycle, reuse, reduce would be very efficient at reducing sea waste.

Also they do not empathize with the ecosystems that exist in the sea, causing uncaring behavior.

We can do it from now onwards as cosplayers:

1. Making people aware of the importance of empathy in the marine ecosystem as well as the 3R procedures. conduct campaigns regularly at the city car free day event as cosplay, in collaboration with several institutions / organizations that care about the environment.

And finally, the presence of umigomi as a pioneer, inspired us to make similar things even better for the benefit of our oceans.

Many people who care will make our sea more beautiful and useful.

Thank you very much Umigomi Team.

3rd prize

Children's save the oceans day

Kimberley Piccolo, Belgium


My name is Muralu and I have been a cosplayer for 13 years. But most importantly, I am a human sciences teacher for highschool students and climate-change/ the litter problem has always been my most important subject to talk about. I was a WCS finalist in 2019, this is where I learned about this initiative. I simply had to do it, by combining passion and talents with a good cause.

Activity content

I organised a children's day with the help of a few friends. We believed that the younger generation is the future of our world, so we thought that teaching them early to be mindful of the environnement would be the best idea. And what better way to teach children about recylcing and littering than bringing their heroes to tell them ? Western cartoon cosplay is very popular with children, they believe you are the character you cosplay. In the morning, I organised activities about stuff you can recycle instead of throw away, along with some tips and advice you can follow to reduce your CO2 imprint. In the afternoon it was heavily snowing but we went to get 8KG of trash on the local nature trail. The children were very happy and learned a lot of things !

Thoughts on activities, what we want to do in the future

We wish to continue our partnership with the children's center that allowed us to come visit the children. They were very happy about what we brought to the children that we will now do it every year to help the new generation to be kinder to their Earth !

Special award

Cosplay4Ocean Project Part of your World - 

Italy, Daisy, Imriel & Marta Garofalo


Desirè (Daisy Cosplay) is a cosplayer since 2012 and an environmental scientist, and together with Valentino (Imriel Cosplay), boyfriend and WCS companion, decided to design and create a project that could mix together her two biggest passions. Daisy is very active on an awareness front and on social media, and studying in the field she's able to use this knowledge to expose the problem of pollution to her following. Imriel is working in human rights and during his studies he specialized in protection of indigenous people and their environment.

Activity content

The Cosplay4Ocean project aims to spread awareness to a large portion of people using a well known character as Ariel from The Little Mermaid as a symbol of what real sea creatures have to suffer due to plastic and general litter pollution. The photographic project was shared on our social media and went viral in other big pages, featuring different captions that explain all the major problems that affect our oceans. Thanks to this project, we also promoted a fundraiser and collected 600 euros for Ocean Conservancy, an organization on the front line to protect our oceans. Following, a BTS video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQ6SHzDUvG4

Thoughts on activities, what we want to do in the future

We are planning new cosplay projects aimed to spread awareness on environmental issues, as we'll continue to study and research on our specific fields to give a concrete help in environmental issues.

Toru Furuya Prize

Activities of real life heroes spreading throughout the country

Real Life Hero,Japan


Real life heroes is a general term for persons who engage in philanthropic activities wearing a costume. The name of real life heroes originates from the name of "real life superheroes" that was given in the United States of America to "persons who engage in philanthropic activities wearing a hero suit". Right now there are about 50 real life heroes in Japan, and there exist multiple teams such as NEXUS FOREVER in Tōkyō, STAR DUST HEROES in Nagoya, Hibrid Jokers in Ōsaka or the Tosa Heroes Party in Kōchi. The real life heroes of each region participate in the activities held in the regions of each other, carrying out an exchange by organizing events, and make an effort to keep spreading these activities. They like to wear costumes, and most importantly, they also have an interest in these activities, and so they put their costumes on to promote the activities and raise awareness about the problem of littering. The contents of the activities are very diverse, but they essentially consist of clean-up activities in local shopping districts or beaches, and we engage in these activities with the cooperation of companies or the shopping districts themselves.

Activity content

Let us introduce the activities of the four main teams.

NEXUS FOREVER in Tōkyō carries out clean-up activities centred in Shibuya. Last year it became a partner organization for the promotion of the "Umi-to-Nippon Project (The Ocean and Japan Project)", and carried out activities such as a cleaning of drainages, to stress that "80% of marine litter is drifted from cities", spreading this knowledge with the organization of cleaning events with more than 100 participants.

STAR DUST HEROES in Nagoya usually carries out clean-up activities in cooperation with the shopping district in Ōsu. It also took part in the Cosplay de Umigomi ZERO in Tokyo Tower held last year, in which Real Life Heroes took a central part.

Hibrid Jokers in Ōsaka is a team that participates in local events, besides its clean-up activities. It is a team which promotes its activities not only on Twitter, but also on YouTube, and produce their costumes with utmost care.

The Tosa Heroes Party is the only team in Shikoku, and carries out its activities dressed up as American comic heroes or anime characters. It is a team which not only carries out activities in shopping districts, but also continues to be actively devoted to the cleaning of beaches.

Thoughts on activities, what we want to do in the future

Clean-up of litter may be a low profile activity, but it can be enjoyed together with colleagues, and it also allows to have an exchange with other volunteer groups or the persons in the shopping district, so it has given me many valuable experiences. However, I would not like to limit the activities to clean-up of litter; instead, I think that with the cooperation of many persons, it would be possible to spread the word about the content of the activities, and this would make them get involved to tackle the problems of littering and marine litter. Also, Real Life Heroes is extending through the entire country, and this allows carrying out an active exchange with colleagues from other regions. We shall continue to be involved in countering the problem of marine litter, and since we are enjoying the activities thanks to this kind of exchange, I think that we will be able to keep up with this engagement as a result. In the future, I would like to make even more people being aware of these activities and the problem of marine litter, and keep organizing clean-up events and the other regular activities, in order to create more opportunities for action.

REIKA prize

Recycling action with childs

Annshella (eva) Alaime,France


I'm a french cosplayer since 2006. In 2018 I had the amazing opportunity to be the french representativ at wcs, one of the most important cosplay experience I've ever made. In my everyday life, I'm also an art teacher, in middle school since 2011. I try to help students to express themselves and develop a self opinion throught art.

Activity content

I'm working since 8 years with my students about recycling materials. I ask them to bring some materials from their home they're plan to throw away ( like plastic bottles, cardboard, fabric, eggs containers, newspaper...) and we reapplied everything in the classroom. They learn how to transform material into something meaningfull and emotional. As a cosplayer, I have leftovers I can't agree to throw, so i also bring them in class in order to use them with my students.

I also create specific thematic reflexion about environmental issues.

In the pictures above, you we'll see 2 exemples of what we made in class.

First one was about to create an high fashion outfit only with recycled paper ( printed paper, newspaper, torn ones etc ...). Students had to create them by group of 4, on one of them. After I asked them to put their outfits on dummies and I create an exhibition in the hallway, where parents and journalists could come to see ( the local newspaper write articles on each of my exhibitions )

The second pictures presents a replica of the famous painting " le radeau de la méduse " from Gericault. All this replica is made from plastic bottles and pieces of fabrics. We first describe the painting, and learn all the history of it. And after collecting bottles for months, I ask the students to make a replica of the life Boat seen on the picture. Creating a life boat ( suppose to be on the sea ) from plastic bottles aware them all of the paradox of this situation.

Thoughts on activities, what we want to do in the future

I'm always thinking about new thematics . For exemple, I plan to work from the sentence " we eat one credit card a week". How to create a piece of artwork from this sentence, and make an exhibition in order to show the big threat we're facing of about plastic contamination.

Yasuhiko Hotta Prize

Be Water, We Cosplayers

Sakito & Kazue ,Singapore


We are Sakito Cosplay (Facebook: Sakito Cosplay / Instagram: @egamisakito) and Johnstan

Kazue (Facebook: Johnstan Kazue / Instagram: @kazueeee). Event organizers of Be Water We Cosplayers Project. We are professional cosplayers in Singapore. Include being overseas cosplay judges and guests, also involved in different cosplay commercial collaborations.

Activity content

It is a Singapore government approved innovative project and sustainable model which aims to reduce marine waste, to create win-win situations for cosplayers and plastic-related businesses, to raise public awareness, and to drive economic growth in related businesses using the power of cosplay.

It is a green sustainable project starting from coastal cleanups and collection of marine waste by cosplayers all the way to the final cosplay prop using 100% recycled materials for 3D printing:


1) Cosplayer Coastal Cleanup & Collection of Plastic Waste

2) Cleaning & Sanitizing of Plastic Wastes

3) Plastic Wastes Recycle & Reprocess

4) Exchanging Plastic Resins to 3D Print Recycled Filament

5) 3D Printing of Cosplay Costumes/Props Using Recycled Filaments

6) Official Cosplay Photoshoot for the Final Product

Thoughts on activities, what we want to do in the future

Our project aims to provide a long term solution to marine waste and pollution problem. We are not only clearing up the excessive amount of waste and stimulating businesses, but we are solving the problem by giving a force of motivation and a reason to do so.

When people are awarded with every piece of waste picked up, they will be more willing to

make a move and this is exactly what we are aiming for.

In the future, we look forward to our proposed model being applied to different countries

across the world. By connecting local cosplay communities, waste processing factories, 3D

print studios and the government, there will be systematic green economic circles created to

give a sustainable environment for all parties who wish to join.

We hope that someday in the future, as cosplayers we can proudly contribute to the world we live in. Also to show people that cosplay can be an art to repair our world and build up systems to save our planet from threats.

COSTUME category

Grand Prix

Mai Mai, Indonesia

​Application comment

ostume 2 : Sakura Kinomoto : Clear Card

I finally finished this amazing costume perfectly. For your information, this is the second costume that I submit on World Cosplay Summit, but actually this is the first costume that I made.

I have collected lots of plastic bottles from October 2019 until January 2020. And in January, I started processing them. It's truly a challenging costume.

Because it is made from unusual materials, I tried some various methods and also almost gave up several times. However, I finally can finish it, too.

I have collected more than a hundred of bottles, these are some steps to change them into a beautiful dress.

First of all, I just cut the body of the bottle and colored them all with silver spray paint, because the bottle so transparent. Next I cut in accordance with the shape of the feather, and put them together with staples. Most parts of the dress use these feather shaped bottles.

Other detail, I use the bottom of the bottle, and then curl it and shape it like a flower.

As you know ,I also made the crown from a bottle by combining the style of some parts of the bottle

that I thought matched the shape of the crown, and it worked.

And then I added some crystal beads and ornaments to make it more attractive.

And this is an additional information for you that there are some parts of the costume using plastic bottles as small details in order to complete the costume on the glove or the top clothes.

<Thoughts about the action>

Do you know?

-73% of beach litter worldwide is plastic.

-plastic is killing more than 1.1 million seabirds and animals every year.

-700 marine animals are the risk of extinction due the threat that plastic poses to them in the form of entanglement, pollution and ingestion.

Knowing that fact, plastic is terrible for the environment. But, in real life, we use it all the time. Therefore I chose these ingredients for making ecocos costume. I hope what I do can at least reduce damage. And, I hope to inspire other friends to create and recycled used items, making them truly beautiful. If I can do it, so do you.

I hope you like my costume.

Second Grand Prix


​Application comment

Hello, here's our eco Shirahoshi from One Piece specially for ✨Cosplay de Umigomi Zero Award ✨

Jerry Duck and I accepted the challenge, and we'd like to share our cosplay made of recyclable materials!

The price of the costume is... zero. We took our old clothes and cosplays, we got some trash and other people's garbage and created something new.

Here you are:

1. The scales.

Our friend made a party for St.Valentine's Day and used a lot of cheap foam roses. That was trash for her and an awesome material for us. The petals became the scales, about 2 thousand pieces!


2. The fins.

We live in a cold country and people have to use a lot of special foamed polyethylene for warming houses. Our neighbors used to fix their balcony and left many trimmings of polyethylene. You just need a fantasy, an iron and some paint to press and transform the foamed polyethylene into parts of your costume.

By the way, you can use this material for making feathers or membranes.


3. The top.

1) Shirahoshi has round decorations on her bra. Styrofoam balls fits perfectly.


2) This white textile part would never has such shape without a frame. We found an old curved a piece of plastic baseboard. You can easily glue it, sew it, bend it. It's lightweight and flexible.

4. The wig.

Bottles, bottles and bottles.

1) Frames for curls? Bottles!

We used "the bodies" of lemonade bottles.

2) Do you see the sign "2" in a triangle or HDPE sign on the bottom on the bottle? Use it!

Here's the recipe: blind a plasticine fish and make a gypsum form.

Gypsum is a natural material and can withstand heat.

Cut any HDPE (bottles, food cases, caps and so on) into pieces, put them into the gypsum form and use a heat fan.

During heating use a metal stick to press the plastic to the mold to make the perfect copy of the plasticine detait.

That's it! The plastic marked as 2 will cool down very fast.

Polish it and you are ready to color it.


5. The glue.

Do you have any stryrofam? Don't throw it, it's not a trash, it's a material for making glue.

We had two thousand of scales and all of them were fixed with handmade styrofoam glue.

Take some solvent (we had type 646, but acetone is good as well) and put small foam pieces inside one by one. Mix properly - and you're ready to glue the whole world!

But be careful, don't forget about protective equipment.

6. The paint.

Styrofoam is good not only for making glue.

Xylol+a bit of color+styrofoam= a very durable coating

The scales are covered with this mixture, so we don't have to worry about tail's safety.

Just let the color dry out, it may take a whole day.


To sum up:

Reused textile and lace

Handmade styrofoam glue

Handmade styrofoam color



Plastic baseboard

Foamed polyethylene

Foam decorations


Use your fantasy and don't pollute!

#Ecocos #Umigomi #Costumecategory

For Cosplay de Umigomi ZERO Award Costume Category applications 💕

3rd place

Mr. YUMAKI, Indonesia

​Application comment

Thank you Cosplay de Umigomi ZERO Award Costume Category applications for make this event.. because of this i can more improve for make a costume with junk matterials..

This my first time make a full costume using recycle and junk matterials.. and only with 3 day for making this costume because a lot of work i have to do 

#Ecocos costume category

Odogaron from Monster Hunter world

The Main matterials : plastic bottle , styrofoam , old pvc pipe, old cardboard , old newspaper, and other paper junk

Support matterial : evafoam (only For base armor) ,glue (Super,white,yellow), Resin, leather, old extend wig, and my old innersuit

Description of making costume on the picture>> please check it ^^

I'm sorry if i improve for detail and texture of this costume..

Hope you Like it 

Let's be creative!!! Together we can save the world and make beautiful world for future ❤️

Special award

United Kingdom ‎Donna Starling

​Application comment

With the world in such a terrible state right now, I wanted to let you know that I made this cosplay mostly from recycled materials and a huge amount of plastic foam that I found in a skip due to go to landfill, I asked the building site for it and they were happy to let me have it. They wo dared what I wanted with crumpled old foam that was filthy dirty, covered in cement powder and mud. I took it home and spent hours cleaning and straightening it. It looked almost like new!!! It sometimes takes some effort to help our planet but it's worth it! I also used an old foam-core shop sign that was being binned, again I asked and they said yes.


The costume also used lots of material scraps from.a previous cosplay that were too small for most costumes, and lots of broken household items like curtain poles (Tail Feathers), plastic chopping boards (Tail base) and ripped pop-up laundry hampers. The rest is made from every day junk! like candy wrapping (Wing Feather cores), cereal boxes and newspaper.


I hope I can continue to make costumes with little impact on our planet, and hopefully keep using reused/reclaimed materials for my builds. P.S. fat chocobo used pipe scraps from my plumber friend that we due to go to landfill and foam from an old bed part being thrown out. :)


Cosplay Photo by Gareth Harmer

WCS Pickup Award

‎‎Hasani Faris Maulana‎ , Indonesia

​Application comment

Hello everyone. My name is Hasani Faris Maulana. You can call me Faris. I am from Bali, Indonesia. I love cosplay especially Tokusatsu character.


For the beginning, I would like to introduce my eco costume. My eco costume is Another Kuuga from Kamen Rider Zi-O The Movie : Heisei Generation Forever.


I make my eco costume by my self and almost all parts I used plastic trash such as plastic bottles. Plastic bottles is the most materials I used because plastic bottles is very easy to found and plastic bottles is strong enough to be basic structure of my eco costume. I used more than 160 plastic bottles for my eco costume. I also used various types of plastic trash such as plastic containers, plastic cups, plastic bags, and plastic seals.


For my list material, I divide the material such as :

Main material

1. Plastic bottle as many as possible in any size.

2. Plastic containers.

3. Plastic cups.

4. Plastic bags.

5. Plastic seals.

Secondary material

1. Eva foam.

Support material

1. Heat air gun.

2. Scissors.

3. Soldering iron.

4. Cable ties.

5. Adhesive tape.

6. Ordinary tape.

7. Mannequin.

8. Old shoes modification (make me looks higher 8 centimeter).

9. Strings.

10. PVAc glue.

11. Yellow glue.

12. Cyanocrylate Etil glue or super glue (I always call it G glue).

13. Black t-shirt, legging, inner mask, and shocks for inner suit.

14. Bag Buckle & Strap Sling bag for leg part.

15. Elastic strap.

16. Brush.

17. Water proofing paint (black).

18. Accrilic paint (gold, silver, black).

19. Spray paint (metalic red & silver metalic).

20. Black fabric for covering inside part of my body armor part.

For making process, I make it into 9 steps.

1. Wash.

Before I use plastic bottles, I wash it with water and soap. After that, let the bottles dry.

2. Make it flat.

To make the bottles flat, I just step the plastic bottles with my feet until the shape become flat. I also use heat air gun to make it more flat.

3. Banding (using heat air gun).

Heat air gun is very useful to make curved shape on plastic bottles. I used it to each plastic bottles one by one to make curved shape.

4. Assembling.

I use string to assembling each bottles (just in the beginning when I make armor part). After that I used cable ties to assembling because its very simple than I use strings. Before using string or cable ties, I make the hole on the material using soldering iron.

5. Wrapping.

In wrapping process, I used adhesive tapes because adhesive tapes have good texture for monster skin and also its cheap.

6. Apply PVAc glue on the props.

Next step I apply PVAc glue to leveling the surfaces on the props. Apply PVAc glue 2 until 3 layer and let it dry.

7. Make detail parts.

For making detail part, I still can use plastic bottles but, I need to combine with another plastic trash such as plastic seals, plastic bag, plastic cups, and plastic containers. In this step, I used yellow glue to attach detail parts. On stomach & waist part, I used G Glue. After all detail parts are attached, apply 2 until 3 layers PVAc glue again to make it stronger.

8. Apply waterproofing paint.

In this process, I apply waterproofing paint (black) on prop 2 until 3 layers.

Judge's comment

Toru Furuya


Yasuhiko Hotta

We are looking for people from all over the world who want to fight the problem of marine litter!

The sea is actually silently screaming in pain.
Each and every action of everyone leads to protecting the future of the beautiful sea.
The problem of marine litter continues to increase all over the world. It is said that by 2050 the amount of marine debris, including plastic, will be larger than the amount of fish, and urgent measures are needed. However the fact that about 80% of marine litter flows from the land (towns and cities) along the rivers is not well known, and yet we have to reduce this amount.
For this matter, the Nippon Foundation and the World Cosplay Summit Executive Committee have teamed up to launch a new project aimed at combating marine litter.

Please share your strength with us, to contribute to the protection of the precious sea together with cosplayers from around the world, so we can continue to take amazing pictures in beautiful and clean locations!



Awarded cosplayers will receive activity incentives.

They will also be appointed as ambassadors and will be invited to international events such as the World Cosplay Summit 2020 and The Ocean Conference.

Action category

Grand Prix

1 Million yen

Runner up

500,000 yen

3rd prize

300,000 yen

Special Jury Prize

100,000 yen

Costume category

Grand Prix

200,000 yen

Runner up

100,000 yen

3rd prize

50,000 yen

Special Jury Prize

50,000 yen


Introducing the cosplayers who applied monthly!

Action category

David Widyatmojo


Costume category



The winners will be announced during the World Cosplay Summit ONLINE on Sunday, August 2, 2020.


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